green spaces, happy people, local clothes

There is a wealth of evidence showing the benefits to people living in green environments, as this website from the University of Washington with many studies shows social, economic, and health benefits of living near green life. The fashion world is increasingly being encroached upon by ideas about being “green,” and eco fashion Seattle is only a small part of the global trend toward sustainable practices and healthier environments.

Aside from being beautiful, many of our native plants can provide dyestuffs that give local clothesmakers colors unique to Seattle.

Using Seattle’s land to it’s fullest means growing more plants in our grey city, and greening our buildings to mitigate stormwater runoff which pollutes Puget Sound and reduces the economic benefits of wild salmon populations.

Imagine the patches of compressed soil you see daily with little or no plants growing instead flourishing and providing us with free useful materials while reducing and naturally treating stormwater runoff pollution.

eco fashion Seattle is about
-greening the city with plant life
-creating a wasteless, fair, and sustainable cycle of fashion
-supporting local makers who understand the value of living in a functioning ecosystem
-and providing free workshops that give Seattleites a great skill: sewing.

Knowing sewing means having the power to repair your favorite clothing, alter clothes, create new from old, and design your own style.

Live green, be happy, and decide for yourself what values you will wear on your body.