Sunday Craftogether -January 8th, 2012

Similar to the last meetup, we’ll get together from noon to as late as 7 to craft together (and share food? cookies? that’s up to you! [i’ll bring something]).

eco fashion Seattle now has 3 sewing machines (one was a gift from Sew Up Seattle and a serger, all of which will be available for use at this meetup.

When you RSVP on the for facebook page event, please indicate if you’d like a beginning sewing machine lesson, and whether or not you’ll be bringing your own sewing machine, and which of the projects listed below (or other project) you’d like to do:

-infinity scarf


-leg warmers

-bandana, scarf, or hair ribbon made from many scraps

There will be some, maybe tons of fabric available at the meetup but I’d recommend bringing your own (the best choice is fabric you will be upcycling out of the waste stream).

The coffee shop has 2 large tables we can use to craft on.

Let’s get some cool things made!


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